Jan 31 - Feb 2 • 2020
Paris — France

4 levels of workshops

You will have access to no fewer than 10 hours of workshops with 3 different levels. Levels will be based on your WSDC points. You can be auditioned on Saturday at 10:30am to go up.

INTER : This level is for you if you are comfortable doing a dance, you know the basics and seek to deepen your knowledge to acquire even more ease. If you are competitors, you are starting competition in NEWCOMER division.

INTER/ADV : This level is for you if you are a regular social dancer on the look-out for tips to help you enrich your technique, your moves and your style.  If you are competitors, you are starting competition or you already have some NOVICE points and you want to move up to the Inter division.

ADV : This level is for you if you are an experienced social dancer constantly seeking mordialogue with your partner, more creativity in your dances and more musicality. Competitors, you are starting competition in Inter or you already have some INTER points and you want to move up to the Advanced division.

ADVANCED/ALL STAR : This level is reserved for the top of dancers (ADVANCED and ALL STAR competitors) who still want to improve the details of their dance.